Krouned Body Care Has the Vegan Friendly Handmade Bar Soap You Desire!

Is there anything more rewarding than enjoying a premium cruelty-free handmade bar soap? There is something uniquely satisfying about skin care products that are as good for you as they are good for the environment. When you shop for skin care supplies at Krouned Body Care, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting great goods and services from even better people. Let's explore the vegan friendly offerings available at Krouned Body Care!

We will start our body care journey together by analyzing the wondrous handmade bar soap offerings at Krouned Body Care. There is something special about a handmade bar soap that you just can't find in a mass-produced product. Perhaps it is the stunning and high-quality ingredients or maybe it's the fact that each bar was made with special care.

No matter what draws you to the bar soaps available at Krouned Body Care, you will enjoy the different affordable options available to you. Krouned Body Care offers the Coffee Bean Bar Soap, Oatmeal/Vanilla Bar Soap, Orange/Turmeric Bar Soap, and Jamaican Cerasee/Lemon Grass Bar Soap. The Jamaican Ceraseee Handmade Bar Soap is cruelty-free and possessed of the Jamaican cerasee plant, an anti-inflammatory herb. This handmade bar soap is a love letter to Jamaica and one of the top handmade bar soap options on the entire internet!

Krouned Body Care was established by a pair of United States military veterans who immigrated from Jamaica. With a focus on crafting longlasting products that are filled with joy, romance, and compassion, Krouned Body Care has made a name for themselves for their work.

Krouned Body Care is currently offering free shipping on all orders over $50. Start shopping today to enjoy where nature meets your skin at Krouned Body Care!