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The genesis of Krouned body care

-An anecdote of destiny


We are Trevor and Cleopatra Davis. We are both military veterans. We are happily married and have two lovely children. Our oldest child has been troubled with eczema since he was months old. We were tired of further irritating his skin with the steroid creams the doctors would prescribe. Those creams would visibly strip our child's skin.

Before we decided to start a business in skincare, we took our time to carefully develop what is now known as the SKIN RELIEF CREAM and has been successful ever since. The SKIN RELIEF CREAM treats eczema flares by softening the hardened layer of skin and repairing the skin quicker than any other lotion on the market. The Calendula oil which is our key ingredient makes this cream great for also treating minor rashes or skin irritations and as a preventative method for treating stretch marks.

It's a forever happy and grateful feeling to be able to properly care for our child and extremely humbling to be able to provide this product to the world. But, yeah.. that's how Krouned Body Care started... and we grew into what we are today.

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