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Handmade Skin Care

Handmade Skin Care: Premium Bar Soaps with Skin Benefits.

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your loved one? Do you want luxury handmade products that will leave your partner dazzled and delighted? If you want handmade skin care supplies and luxury handmade products for your beauty routine, you've come to the right place. Krouned Body Care is where nature meets your skin in the form of handmade skin care goods that you just HAVE to try! Let's take a moment to analyze what makes Krouned Body Care different from its competition!

Let's start our journey by taking a long look at what makes Krouned Body Care so special. Established by Trevor and Cleopatra Davis, Krouned Body Care is the outcome of 2 military veterans with a pair of dreams in their pockets. Trevor and Cleopatra's first child struggled with extremely bad eczema. The doctors had no idea how to treat it, but they continued to prescribe steroid creams. They became very concerned when the steroid creams began to strip away their baby's skin to the point where blood was visible. In the early months of year 2019, Cleopatra began her research and practice into skincare. After many trials Cleopatra created the recipe for the skin relief cream. The cream worked wonders and drastically reduced the size of the baby's eczema flares. In May 2020 during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak. Cleopatra took her first step into entrepreneurship, and she offered the skin relief creams for purchase on Krouned Body Care's website.  Now years later, Cleopatra and Trevor are crafting beautiful skincare products for your day-to-day life, all with the goal of packaging joyful results, and clarity into each product. Now that you know a little about Krouned Body Care, let's learn about one of their special bar soaps!

Shopping for premium bar soaps has never been easier thanks to Krouned Body Care. Our favorite product offering in that category is the Cerasee Bar Soap, this bar soap features the famous cerasee herb which offers a wealth of healing properties. This bar of soap is ideal for treating rashes, acne, skin ulcers, and even eczema.
Krouned Body Care is proud to offer a variety of all-natural, plant-based, handmade products for your enjoyment. Shop today to enjoy free shipping on orders in San Diego, CA and all other orders within the United States!

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